Buying a Scaffold: 5 Questions You Need To Ask

A scaffold is an important equipment for some industries. For construction work, it can be used to support structures and people. There are other industries that use scaffolding to further business and service.

If the nature of your business would need have some scaffolding, you may need to contact some UAE scaffolding companies to invest on your own equipment. But be sure to ask them the following questions before you ink an agreement:

  1. What is the historicity of the company?


One thing that you need to know when partnering with a scaffolding company is their history in the industry. You need to know how the prospective company you are dealing with has a good track record with their clients and their employees.  Having your name next to a credible supplier would mean that you are getting top-quality equipment.


  1. What are the types of scaffolding they offer?


Some people think that scaffolding is all the same. But the truth is, there are different kinds of scaffolding available in the market today. It would be best if you can partner with a scaffolding company who can offer you a number of scaffolding equipment. You will never know when you will be needing a hanging or suspension scaffolding.


  1. Do they offer customization?


There are instances when you need to do some customization, especially for special projects. You might need to invest on customized equipment done by a scaffolding manufacturer. If this is the case, you might want to partner with some manufacturer who can customized a scaffolding for you. Some of them might have some pre-fab equipment that you customized, but there are some that can do group up building. Choose a supplier depending on the cost and the need.


  1. What is their lead time on product delivery?


When you are working on a strict timeline, you need to ensure that your scaffolding supplier can be delivered on time. Delayed in equipment delivery would also mean delays on your production. Give your supplier a realistic timeline, but be sure not to cram them to ensure that quality of the equipment.


  1. Is there an after-sales service?


Maintenance and repair is important when you are managing an equipment. It would be best if you can find a supplier that offer after-sales service like equipment repair and spare parts replacement that would expand the lifespan of your equipment.

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